Sunday, January 24, 2010

All Is Not Lost :-)

A couple of weeks ago we had that awful arctic freeze here that us southerners are just not used to!!! Right about that time we had this bed of Paper whites that was just about to bloom in the backyard of the Cottage...

This week we are back to our normal January weather...highs in the low 70' that's more like it...and aren't this Paperwhites just gorgeous????

We also have declared the Christmas season over at the Cottage. Marci and I have packed away all the remaining Christmas pretties and have done a little re-arranging. We needed a new jewelry display and came up with this....

We brought one of our shabby doors in, Marci bent some spoons and we attached them along with some old knobs to the door to hang our necklaces on. It is such a cute addition to our front room.

We are starting to plan our February Antiques on the Lawn Show...stay tuned...details to come later!!!!

1 comment:

Kitt said...

What a clever display idea! And yes, those paperwhites are to die for!