Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the works...

I think I am developing ADD...I simply cannot concentrate on one project at a time...I am still working on the dresser and small curio...I was opening the garage and going to begin to work on them when I saw this shutter door out of the corner of my eye...

Of course, it looked MUCH worse than this!!! I slapped that door on top of a table and went to sanding all the chippy grey paint off until I got to this color...can you say FAB. U. LOUS? Uumm...Here is the top of the door...It was kind of fun to knock these out with a big ole hammer...they were half way out anyway...

I will let you know when I get this baby finished...I am thinking chicken wire on the top...hhhhmmmm, the possibilities...
I did actually finish a project!!! We bought this set of black chairs some time ago...They had bright, pink, nasty, fabric on the seats. Now, you guys know us cottage chicks like us some pink but, these were just down right U.G.L.Y. Anyway...I recovered them in this beige linen...aaahhhh so much better!!

I paired the chairs with our wonderful french door table which, by the way, is 30% off right now!!!

If you live in the Houston area are you sweating yet??? The heat index was supposed to be 110 degrees today!! I assure you... it has been!!!

Ready for Fall


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!!!!

This has been a ridiculously wet summer....We have not had a hurricane, tropical storm or tropical wave come even remotely close to the Houston area but the thunderstorms have been crazy...OK... ENOUGH!!!! I need to finish some painting!!!!
I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and while I was gone Marci went crazy and organized the garage at the Cottage!!! I have actually been able to bring a couple of pieces of furniture in there to work on them!!!
Today was stormy and drizzly and I took a few pics of some really cutie patootie things in the Cottage to share with you...
This wicker desk and chair...we are selling them separately...Lovin' the green on the desk...soooo pretty and cottagey
Marci painted this precious cart cute and vintage is this???

I showed you this table and chairs a couple of weeks ago and now it sits proudly in the Cottage....

This wall feature is one of the items we found at Market. We just love. this. company. All of her items are new...made to look really old and used and fabulously shabby...This thing is GREAT!!!

This zinc top table is from the same company....This would make a super duper island in a kitchen!!!

How cute is this little desk and chair....

Ok...maybe a little silly...but look at this repurposing...a rake head...painted white, a little shabby with the ends bent up using needle nose pliers...We use this to sell our ball chains from but it could be used at your house for your jewelry or bent a little more to hang your keys it!!!

Stay is not supposed to rain the rest of the week...yea!!! I have plans to sling a little paint!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smellin' So Good

We got our Tyler Candle order in today...We thought we would try the Tyler Mixer Melts. We ordered several "flavors" for you. Paired with our great little candle warmer that has the dish for your melts...what a great gift!!!
The dish is not attached to the warmer so you get two for the price of one...take the dish off and put your favorite candle on the warmer...The candle warmer is $14.95 and the melts are $2.50ea. The warmer comes in a great shade of cream...perfect for any decorating style!!!

We also carry the Tyler will actually smell a different scent in just about every room of the cottage!!!

Hope your summer is going great...can you believe it is July...5 months until Christmas!

:-)...panic attack, I know....I thought that would be funny...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Vinyl Fun

I have been playing a bit at home with my Cricut. Marci and I always try to pick up misc plates and such when we are out on our shopping ventures. So, I took a few home and started working on a few little cutie projects...
I love this Paris trio....
These plates sit above "Miss Willoughby". I like to think she is a little French girl that lives in the beautiful countryside of France...that could be an idea for a sweet story, huh?
I loved how these birds were so whimsical....

AAHHHH..the dress form...I would love to happen upon a bunch of vintage full size dress forms....of course, at a fabulous price, right?

This plate has one of our words on it...then the widest burlap that ribbon!!!

Of course this is not vinyl....duh!!! Anyway...Marci picked up this calendar holder at a yard sale not too long ago...You remember the very country calendars that you could unscrew the top bar (if you look close you can see it)and place the calendar under it...the board was painted a solid color...I just covered the entire thing with chalkboard paint ....
sooo cute!!! This could go, laundry room, mud room (for those of you lucky enough to have a mud room)!!!

The painting of new pieces has slowed down around here....Living on the hurricane coastline doesn't help!!! It is pouring here right now as a result of Hurricane Alex that went ashore some time this morning south of Brownsville...oh I feel for those people in Mexico!!! The affects of Hurricane Ike are still way too fresh in my mind!!!! We are getting the outer bands of the hurricane. Better than the hurricane though!!!
Hope your summer has been full of Pink Lemonade, Homemade Icecream and Lightning Bugs at dusk!!!
Happy 4th of July!!!