Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look at What's Coming!!!

We ordered "Light Charms"!!! Marci and I found them at market and loved them. The last day of shopping at market she was on our list of people we wanted to go back and talk to...she was nowhere to be found!!! We waited a few minutes but had so many stops on our list that we had to move on. Recently, a friend said she saw the neatest thing at a neighbors house...guess what it was?? "Light Charms" ! What are "Light Charms" you ask??

They are crystals for chandeliers and other metal objects that have no place to hang a crystal!!! They are magnetic!! How cool is that??? To watch a video about them click here. The video really showcases the holiday charms. We ordered the everyday crystals for now and depending on how much you love them.....we will look into the holiday charms as well....

Check with us next week....They should be here!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fleur de Lis Window

We have this "wall decor" product in our store and I have been dying to try it out on something. Here is my project.....

I sifted through our supply of old windows. I liked the color on this one.

Of course it needed quite a bit of TLC. Nothing that a little elbow grease, razor blade, Windex and paper towels couldn't take care of.

Here is our wall decor. In the tube are 4 different designs, 1 large crown and 3 different styles of fleur de lis. It retails for only $6.95. Not bad, huh? On the tube it is called wall decor, but you can stick it to any smooth surface.

You peel off the backing and re-stick it about 2 inches down on the pattern.

Go ahead and stick that 2 inches down in the correct spot. Holding that in place, slowly move that backing paper off going left to right. You will still have a clear piece of sticky paper over the top of the design. Using a credit card, smooth all of the air bubbles out.

Peel off the top sticker and hope that is is in the center!! :-)

And here it is along with all our other fabulous merchandise. I REALLY think I need that crown somewhere in my know, being a princess and all....that is another blog.... sometime

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Antiques on the Lawn

We had our very first Cottage and Friends Antiques on the Lawn Show this past weekend, May 16 and 17. It was a great time and we had some fabulous vendors come and join us on our beautiful lawn. I wanted to share a few pics with you.

For those familiar with Girly Stuff....she had a fabulous booth with her mom. They seemed to have a great time.
Three gals that have been long time "junkin friends" had 2 booths together.

Our Round Top friend joined us with her mid century treasures.

We saw the Red Shed Girls outdoor room they built for their last sale and made our version of that on the back porch. It turned out great!!!
Marci did a great display on the side of our garage.

Of course we had plates full of goodies for our shoppers.

Well, summer is upon us. The kids will be out of school soon and it will be stifling hot here in South East Texas. We are looking at ordering some new items for the store. For Father's Day we hope to add "Royal Flush" to our line of Poo~Pourri for a great Father's Day gift.

As always, stop by if only for a cookie, some coffee and a chit chat with us cottage chicks. We would love to see you.

Oh, and of course the cottage has been re-arranged again!!! Come see our changes!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Antiques on the Lawn

The Old Oak Cottage


Cottage and Friends

"Antiques on the Lawn"

Coming up

Saturday and Sunday

May 16 and 17

Saturday, 9am-6pm

Sunday, 12pm-5pm

We have some vendors that will be with us on the lawn!!!

We will be closed Friday, May 15 for set up.

We hope to see you there!!!