Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look at What's Coming!!!

We ordered "Light Charms"!!! Marci and I found them at market and loved them. The last day of shopping at market she was on our list of people we wanted to go back and talk to...she was nowhere to be found!!! We waited a few minutes but had so many stops on our list that we had to move on. Recently, a friend said she saw the neatest thing at a neighbors house...guess what it was?? "Light Charms" ! What are "Light Charms" you ask??

They are crystals for chandeliers and other metal objects that have no place to hang a crystal!!! They are magnetic!! How cool is that??? To watch a video about them click here. The video really showcases the holiday charms. We ordered the everyday crystals for now and depending on how much you love them.....we will look into the holiday charms as well....

Check with us next week....They should be here!!!

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