Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Working On Something

I have a project going on....we acquired this chandelier...cannot EVEN remember where it came from...I promptly took it apart, stripped it of it's wires and it has sat in a heap on the table in the cottage garage for a while now.

Lesson one: Always take a before picture of the chandelier.

Troy (my husband) and I began rewiring this beauty last week. We were able, through much grunting and cussing under our breath, to get the wires threaded through the arms of the chandelier. Once this was done Troy looked at me and said, "OK, how does it go back together?" As I sat and looked at him blankly, I could see a little blood drain from his face...You see, I have been asking for quite a while now for help to re-wire this gorgeous thing and he just spent all morning, like I said, cussing those wires through those arms!!!! Now, he assumes I remember how all the pieces fit together???? Thus begins the, no, this way, no, that way, no that looks stupid, no, you left a piece out....and on and on and on. Well, we did get this far...it will be painted, and crystals will be added (80) yes, I said it, 80 crystals go on this baby!!! I cannot wait to see her in all her glory....stay tuned...

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Magic Brush said...

Oh you are feeding my chandalier addiction. Can't wait to see it!