Friday, April 30, 2010


Just a note to let you know what's happening here at the cottage. We are currently having a Mother's Day celebration event. Anything you can fit in one of our cute, polka dot, organza bags is 20% off. The bags come in lt. pink (pictured below), hot pink, and purple. The shop is full of great items that fit; like, Poo-Pourri, Karoma, lotions, jewelry, notepads, compacts, the list goes on and on. So be sure to stop in and "bag" some savings!

Also, you have until Mother's Day to special order the adorable Wellington boots pictured below. They actually come in two other patterns - "Autumn" and "Rose". You won't find these great rubber boots at Wal-Mart! They are $45.00 plus tax.

AND - something our regular customers know, that you might not, is that we offer the Romantic Homes magazine at prices drastically reduced from the regular newstand price! (Did you know the Cottage is listed in the back?).

Well, thats the newest news. Remember to mark your calendar for the "Antiques on the Lawn" show May 15th and 16th. Visit past blog postings for pictures of the event. There are still spaces available for any interested antique dealers.

Mandy or I will be sure to add pictures of special projects or purchases soon . . . . .



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting It Together

We now have the Cottage back together and dolled up. Spring Round Top is behind us and we are looking forward to our May Antiques on the Lawn Show that will be May 15 and 16. Here are a few pics of the Cottage.
As you come in the front door....

Love this couch!!! Actually, quite comfy!!! I have tried it out several times a day! :-)

This is going into the dining room...

I could not make this duplicate picture go away...what's up with that???
Moving on....

I love this Armoire...the beveled mirror and shabby paint....soooo cute!!!

Isn't this vintage chandelier fabulous????

A customer begged us for our zebra chairs that go with this table and I gave in....We have set it up as a desk now and I LOOOOVE it like this...Not sure if you can see, but we lifted the glass and added old photos where the mirrors are..It is REALLY cute!!

There is nothing like a great chandlier just dripping with crystals!!!

We moved this shabby little wishing well inside...isn't it the cutest???!!!
We will keep you posted on projects happening around here as we prepare for our Antiques on the Lawn Show!!
Stay Tuned...

Monday, April 5, 2010

We're Back!!!

Well, we survived another week at the Round Top Antiques Week where we are set up at LaBahia. People came out like ants from an ant bed on the first weekend and the booth changed every day as we sold furniture and all kinds of pretties. We were so busy the first weekend that I was not able to get pics of some of our favorite pieces. We had a great old postal unit that sat on a great old farm table...I will see if our neighbor Annette got pictures of that...anywho....we had a great, exhausting, fun filled week!!! Here are a few photos of the booth...

You will notice a nice, lovely rope tied around the huge double mirror armoire . A couple of days we had some unbelievable wind. This particular piece fell forward and a customer and I was able to catch it as it came toward us..While we were doing this Marci was racing toward the stacks of doors leaning up against our trailer that were going down fast. Unfortunately, a lovely little parlor table did not make it, but we saved all the pieces of the table for some fun re-purposing!

I love it when customers share what they are going to do with a purchase. You can see the pretty upholstered bed in the background..... A lady that has a photography studio bought it to use in her studio in Houston. She actually squatted down and took a picture of it to see how it would photograph. How cool is that...she said she does a lot of triplets and multiples baby pictures....can't you just see them all piled up on the bed???? Love that!!!

On Wednesday we decided to try something for the first time. Usually the middle of the week gets a little more slow so we decided to try a wine and cheese party on Wednesday afternoon. It was a great success. Customers were pleasantly surprised and stayed around to shop some more. We had a great time!!!

Here is the set up of our little party before the booth filled up....

We will be working hard to get the Cottage put back together this week. Our next Antiques on the Lawn Show will be May 15 and 16. Mark your calendars!!!