Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Projects in the Works

I have started some new projects on the cottage lawn....It is sooo nice out there in the back yard...It is quiet, birds singing and always a little breeze blowing...although I sweat like a pig it is still sooo pleasant...Anywho....This chandelier is a second hand store find...I am spraying it black then creamy white then it will be shabbied a bit to where the black will show through and not the brass...I almost lost the opportunity for a before pic...You can see the fabulous brassy appearance here.

Although this desk looks like it may be in good shape it needed a little love...There was some veneer missing on top and on the drawer...I filled in with some wood filler and sanded everything...It has a coat of creamy white on it now...still a ways to go...
I loved this cabinet...same thing on the finish...It had a water ring on top
I also painted it a creamy white...not sure what color it will end up...stay tuned!!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Is Not Lost!!!!

This past weekend was our Antiques on the Lawn Show. It has not rained in weeks and I mean WEEKS!!! The ground was hard as a rock. It has been HOT and DRY.....until this weekend!! The weather never ceases to amaze me. The Farmer's Almanac should consult the Cottage for weather updates. Just as soon as we set the date for the Antiques on the Lawn Show a chance of rain came up!!! BUT...we had a great weekend!!! Thanks to you shoppers that are not scared of getting a little wet!!!
Honestly...the BIG rain came the night before and other than a little water on top of our newly painted buffet...all was well!! We had purchased a tent to use for such occasions and we were so glad we had it!!
The tent looked so pretty in the backyard!!

Most of our vendors bowed out of the show because of the horrible radar that showed torrential rains that were heading our way...but we had some great die-hards!!! This is Kim, Michelle and Gabby. Kim has a boutique inside Blackshear's Florist in North Shore. She does not sell antiques but had the cutest aprons, hats, jewelry and an array of cutie patootie items.

Sweet Doris joined us again. We set her up under our awning. She did not get to stay very long before the big sprinkles of rain started but we were so glad she came. We just love Doris. The Cottage happens to be Doris' previous home and we were so lucky that her and her husband sold it to us cottage chicks!!!

We had a beach theme in our outdoor room this time. We had our white shabby buffet in this room and it looked so pretty with all the beachy stuff. We moved it after the storm blew through. I wish I had taken a picture of the room when it was in here. How cute is this coffee table? It is an old rope bed that Marci put some net and shells in and then topped it with a piece of glass. Think about it ladies...a themed coffee can change it with the seasons...Can you just picture all the fun you could have with this???

We have some great husbands that we work like dogs sometimes and then ask them to go get us lunch. :-) With the impending rain, Marci's husband quickly transformed the trailer into an extra room. He put the old doors up as a backdrop and Marci quickly hung lace panels and the transformation began!!! This turned out great!!

Here is a display of our Jadeite we bought from an estate. There are some great pieces in this display.

A few "Initial" pendants.

Well...another show behind us. Summer is sneaking up on us...I cannot believe the kids will be out of school soon. We will be here at the cottage..come by and see all of our goodies, grab a cookie and a cup of coffee and chat for a while. We would love to see you!!!
We are still working on our website. It is crazy how much time that takes. We will let you know when it is up and running. Until then...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antiques On The Lawn Sneak Peek!!!

This weekend, May 15 and 16, is our Cottage and Friends Antiques on the Lawn Show. We are praying that our little cool front will just blow through WITHOUT THE RAIN!!!! We are excited to have some fun vendors set up on the lawn with us. Here are just a few pics of some of our newest goodies...

We will be closed Friday, May 14, for set up. The hours for the show are Saturday 9 am - 6 pm and Sunday
12 pm - 5 pm. We hope to see you there!!!