Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Projects in the Works

I have started some new projects on the cottage lawn....It is sooo nice out there in the back yard...It is quiet, birds singing and always a little breeze blowing...although I sweat like a pig it is still sooo pleasant...Anywho....This chandelier is a second hand store find...I am spraying it black then creamy white then it will be shabbied a bit to where the black will show through and not the brass...I almost lost the opportunity for a before pic...You can see the fabulous brassy appearance here.

Although this desk looks like it may be in good shape it needed a little love...There was some veneer missing on top and on the drawer...I filled in with some wood filler and sanded everything...It has a coat of creamy white on it now...still a ways to go...
I loved this cabinet...same thing on the finish...It had a water ring on top
I also painted it a creamy white...not sure what color it will end up...stay tuned!!!


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