Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're Back . . . .

Whew - We just got back from a 3-day whirlwind trip to the Dallas Market. It is always a rush to see everything, so we can find the best, most unusual stuff for our choosy customers. Well, not choosy exactly, but those that want something unique and different at a bargain! We brought back just a few items with us:

The big, new look is "Paris Flea Market" style. We JUST LOVE IT. But the pieces are also very adaptable to other decor - these would all work fabulous with farmhouse style, cottage or country style. The buckets and other aluminum pieces fit in with the new "industrial" look that is being added to many modern interiors.
We also brought back some nice champagne and ice buckets. Summer just says celebrate - don't you think? They will be great for special occasions!

Also, if you haven't been in for awhile, you might have missed these great pieces:

The top picture above is a vintage phone cabinet. Mandy hung it up as a wall shelf - isn't it cute! The bottom picture is of a great architectural piece we found while junking. Don't let the tiny pic fool you, it is actually five feet long! We had six of these great pieces, but there are only 3 left. Probably because they were a steal at $35 each!

We have many other "new" pieces in, and will be starting to receive some of our finds from market. So stop in and check them out, or come by and say hi. It's great to hear you found us on our blog!

Until later,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coming Along....

The painting is coming along....I usually use my little spray gun to paint furniture but with all the glass on this one I am having to do it by hand with a brush....aaahhh!!! Can you see where I started taping and then threw the tape across the yard in frustration and started painting all the while knowing I would have to scrape that off with a razor blade...whew...I feel better already!!! We are thinking of putting some kind of cool paper or fabric inside on the back...won't that be the cutest??!!

Since I am working on these at the same time I am hand painting this one too...Probably would be easier with the spray gun because of all the detail...but I am enjoying the outdoors, 99 % humidity and monster mosquitoes...really, i am!!! :0
We have not had the room inside the Cottage for this little set...Isn't this the bomb???!!!! I love the color of the table and Marci found the cutest fabric for us to recover the chairs in...sooo cute and only $325 for the whole shabang!!!!

The table top has this great little shabby stenciling on it.

Another Cottage favorite that we are dying to bring inside...Don't you just love this coffee table? It can be decorated for the seasons!!! We have it dolled up for a great beach house...do you have a beach house? Do you like this? Do you NEED this?!!!!

What an original and for $125!!! Where are you going to find another original like this???

And, yes, it has a nice thick piece of glass on top....
Come see us!!! I will need to come in and cool off I am sure!! :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just In Time...Father's Day

Here at the The Old Oak Cottage we pride ourselves on being quite girly...but don't let that fool ya!! We think about our guys too!!! Just in time for Father's Day our shipment of Royal Flush Poo~Pourri has arrived. Your favorite guy will probably (secretly) THANK YOU for this gift...The bottle reads....
"Great Washroom Scents for Distinguished Gents"
A fresh blend of eucalyptus spearmint that eliminates washroom odor.

Oh, how us girly girls love this!!! Come on in!!!
A 4oz bottle of freshness is only $14.95!!!
Father's Day June 20!!!