Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fleur de Lis Window

We have this "wall decor" product in our store and I have been dying to try it out on something. Here is my project.....

I sifted through our supply of old windows. I liked the color on this one.

Of course it needed quite a bit of TLC. Nothing that a little elbow grease, razor blade, Windex and paper towels couldn't take care of.

Here is our wall decor. In the tube are 4 different designs, 1 large crown and 3 different styles of fleur de lis. It retails for only $6.95. Not bad, huh? On the tube it is called wall decor, but you can stick it to any smooth surface.

You peel off the backing and re-stick it about 2 inches down on the pattern.

Go ahead and stick that 2 inches down in the correct spot. Holding that in place, slowly move that backing paper off going left to right. You will still have a clear piece of sticky paper over the top of the design. Using a credit card, smooth all of the air bubbles out.

Peel off the top sticker and hope that is is in the center!! :-)

And here it is along with all our other fabulous merchandise. I REALLY think I need that crown somewhere in my know, being a princess and all....that is another blog.... sometime


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Ellen said...

I love your fleur de lis window! And how cute the crown could be too! I'm not in Texas, but would love to purchase a set or two of the decals if you would be interested in doing a bit of shipping to me in SC. If so, leave me a comment on my blog or send me an email.

Going to read back through your blog - am loving what I've seen so far!

Thank you!