Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blissful Exhaustion

I am back home from La Bahia (Round Top/Warrenton Antique Week) for a day. My youngest son turns 14 tomorrow and being the incredible OCD person I am I had to come home to look him in the eye and say Happy Birthday. Moms, we put so much pressure on know you would have come home too!!!
I thought while I was here I would post some pics of the booth. I am banking on total exhaustion and the week has just started. We arrived around 9:45 am on Friday, called set up day, only to find hundreds of shoppers staring at your trailer waiting for the tailgate to drop. I was a nervous wreck. Do you know how stressful it is to create, decorate, and fluff with people watching your every move and asking "how much"? Of course all the price tags were made and neatly bound in a zip lock. Next time......everything with it's price on it or it does not get packed. Finally, at 11 pm with no less than 30 mile an hour winds and a temp of somewhere around 40 degrees I trudged to the camper to have Marci tell me, "I think something is wrong with the heater, it just blows cold air". All you can do is smile at this point. Honestly, once my head hit the pillow, Ike II could have blown through and I would not have known. Actually, it felt a little like a hurricane with the winds blowing the camper around like an empty coke can.
Anyhoo...enough whining....the title describes my feelings. By this morning when the sun broke and people started shopping...It was BLISS! There is nothing like excited women, away for the day, Starbucks in hand, with a pocket full of cash.
Enjoy the pics...I will have more next week!!!

Marci and I know how lucky we are to have a couple of great guys (our husbands, we didn't pick them up when we got there) to help with our venture. They are the best!
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Girly Stuff said...

Great looking booth!!! I hope you sell every bit of it!

Kim said...

Hi Ladies-it's Kim from Show Daily. I just had to rush right home and check out your blog! You ladies are awesome! Yes, I would have had to come home and personally say Happy B-day too! Good luck with the show~see you soon-Kim