Friday, April 10, 2009


Oh my, Marci mentioned I would be tired when we returned from La Bahia...I had no idea!! We had a blast, sold some things, bought some things and survived the 45 mph gust. Well, we survived, some of Marci's beautiful antique dishes did not. We will be learning the art of mosaic with our box of precious china pieces. Marci handled the crashing china hutch with such was kind of a blank stare actually. She was stuck holding the gorgeous stained glass window from tumbling when the hutch tipped amount of sprinting was quick enough to catch everything. Anyway, the booth morphed every day as us cottage chicks could not leave well enough alone. One thing would sell and the re-arrange would begin. My creative juices were spent by the end of the week. I wanted to share a few pics of the booth.

This is Annette. Her booth was right next to the cottage booth. She has fabulous vintage 50's and 60's treasures. She also had this rams head....she was stunned that it did not sell....? She encouraged me to go experience the Junk Gypsy Prom....
Of course, this meant I needed to shop for vintage clothing. The whole outfit cost $15, mink stole included!!!! What is scary...I was not in the least bit out of place!! Annette let me borrow the vintage cowboy veil from her booth! We had to have our picture taken in the Junk Gypsy outhouse. You just never know what you will find on a Round Top trip!!!
Next thing on our list...Cottage and Friends Antiques on the Lawn Sale!!! It will be May 16 and 17 and we have some friends signed up to have a booth. Can't wait to see all the cool things they will be selling!!! Hope to see you there!!!


Magic Brush said...

Came over from Girly Stuff. I want like half of all I see on here! Beautiful... just beautiful.

Girly Stuff said...

You looked great!!! I love the braids!!

I'm glad you guys sold so much! And had a good time doing it!