Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just love this swing....does it scream Spring/Summer. We had a little taste of Spring last week...Flip Flops every day with capris...Loved it. AND THEN some awful cold front blows through and it is 50 degrees and raining with wind blowing WHAT?
I know it won't last long and you northern folks think we are crazy here in South Texas but we really are sissy's when it comes to cold, rainy weather.
Anywho....I think the cottage could use one of these cutie's coming out of one of the beautiful trees here on the property. I will get right on that!
I took some pics of the things blooming right now at the cottage....soooo pretty, I will post that soon. Until then, I will stare at this swing and think SPRING!

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Girly Stuff said...

How cute! You guys definitely need one of those!