Friday, October 7, 2011

Home from Round Top & Back to Normal . . . . Almost

Phew, I made it through another Round Top Antique Week!  Yes, it was again a successful, fun and very exhausting week.  Here is just a few pictures of what The Cottage booth at LaBahia Antique Show looked like:

As usual, it was packed full of antique and vintage goodies.

I had fun creating this quirky area that featured Minnow Bucket Hanging Lights, cotton mill canisters, pitch forks, a bottle dryer and fans.  What you can't see is the awesome Bowling Lane table that was surrounded by all this.  I have no idea WHY I didn't take a picture of that.  It drew alot of attention and, of course, it sold! 
I totally loved the aqua chairs - they went pretty fast.  I do still have the turquoise head board bench.  It now resides in front of the showroom.  My hubby built my walls for me.  The front was old screen doors I had inserted lace panels into, and the back and side were louvered shutters (easy to hang stuff on).  On the other side I had a great old floral screen.  I kept the screen for display, and it is now in the cottage.
As usual, vintage and antique kitchen items were a big hit.  I sold most of the items in this picture.
I also loved the china hutch.  I had it painted by Altar'd, as well as the aqua bedroom set; I always run out of time to finish all my projects before the show.  The green stenciled table and shabby white chairs went on the last day.  My neighbors up there were starting to say the green table was jinxed.  I had it up there twice before, and purchased it from Lori of Southern Grace who had it up there the show before that.  I DID practically give it away, but at least it will finally have a new home.
Pamela and I have put the cottage and showroom back together, mostly.  There are still a lot of pictures and mirrors to be hung and other neat stuff to be put out.  As for me, I almost fill human again.

Come see us soon,


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