Friday, July 1, 2011

New Uses for Old Things & Frequent Buyer Programs

Something my friends, fellow junkers and most of my customers, have in common is the love of dreaming up new uses for old things. The possibilities are endless! When I have a special find, it is often difficult determining which new purpose I should put it to. Do any of you have that same problem? OR, I have seen an idea that I just LOVE, but cannot find the right old parts to make it all come together. It can be a little frustrating at times, but that's what makes the hunt so fun!

I've put together some pictures of items that we currently have at The Old Oak Cottage, or in the Showroom, that have been put to new uses. Many of the ideas are nothing special or new, and others, hopefully will spark a new idea in your mind.

This one is kind of fun - our old propeller light!

Reproduction wire doormat used as a clipboard.

Wire bucket lamp - not our creation, but one we certainly hope to emulate.

Isn't this fork and spoon tea light chandelier fun?

Uses for these old industrial loaf pans are endless. I've seen them as flower planters and silver sorters. My favorite is to use as a shelf on the wall during the holidays and filling it with the little, vintage, sparkle houses and bottle brush trees.

Inexpensive silver plate tray as a chalk board. Some make great magnet boards too.

The ever useful flower frogs as picture stands and pen and pencil holders.

Glove hooks - HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

A perennial favorite; the old, paint-peeling, window mirror.

Our nesting bird old box springs.

Which leads me to this newest find, a huge, never used, great condition, completely operational Rolodex! I know I am not the only one excited about this rare find, because everybody has been trying to buy it since I found it!

And, I have just the special use for it. I had been pondering the idea of starting a frequent buyer program. One of my personal problems with these programs is that I can NEVER find the card when I need it. It's either in the other purse, car, pants pocket, wherever; you know? So I thought, this is perfect! Customers can come in, fill out a card, and it will be kept on file here! The next time they come in to shop, it will be here waiting for them.

So - have you gone looking for printable rolodex cards lately? I guess they don't make them - wierd, huh? LOL. Thankfully, full size sticker paper came to the rescue!

I hope to see you all real soon (so I can use my new vintage toy). I also LOVE IT when you come in and share what latest creation (or should I say recreation) you have made or found.

Until later,


Susanne said...

I've never seen such a large Rolodex! And what a thoughtful idea to hold onto your customer's frequent shopper cards.

Fun ideas, I know what you mean about hunting down just the right bit to complete a project. The counting gloves idea is sweet and new to me.

Francine said...

The doormat/message board is cute ... I just did the same thing with an old saw. Check it out on my blog if you get a chance.