Saturday, May 21, 2011


I want to offer a BIG thanks to all our friends and customers. The Grand Opening of the Old Oak Showroom, featuring Metamorphose, and the Altard Showroom, was a fabulous success. I was so touched by all my friends that came bearing gifts and well wishes. I also want to offer a big THANKS and PRAISES to God.

For some reason I have been pondering the bible proverb "bad company corrupts good character". I feel like I am experiencing the opposite of that "good company makes good business"!! Both of these women are sooo talented. Here is a couple pictures of creations by Jennifer of Metamorphose:

Mandie of Altar'd is very talented, also. Here are just a few of her repainted and distressed pieces:

If you haven't see the new showrooms yet, you must check it out!
To view furniture pieces as they are found or recreated, be sure to visit our facebook pages. There is a link from theoldoakcottage facebook page to Altar'd and Metamorpose. Both of these artists pieces go fast. Some never make it onto the showroom floor! If you are looking for a piece of furniture and find it here - you better jump on it!

Again, thanks to all and all the glory to God,


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bee'nme said...

Hi Marci!

BLESS YOU for sharing your heart and faith - God is so good and He has indeed orchestrated a beautiful union with you three! I'm so very pleased at the success you have shared so far and confident of the success you will enjoy in the future!

I'm still planning to come your way very soon to see your lovely shop....and to shop of course! (I'm an illustrator...we met at La Bahia a few weeks ago...I know Mandie)...and I have been looking forward to getting over there for a while now!

May the Lord continue to bless your business and your life with abundance and joy! Have a great weekend!

Hugs & Blessings,