Friday, February 25, 2011


I just love it when the weather finally turns nice, don't you? It always gives me the urge to purge and clean my house. I was pondering on that this morning. Why, when it is finally gorgeous outside, and I have been couped up in the house for months, do I want to stay inside and clean? I wonder if it is almost a primal instinct or something. I mean, really! Every spring I am faced with a dilemma - to clean up the flower beds or clean up my house - which comes first? Perhaps some of you are smart enough to keep your houses decluttered throughout the year? If so, I congratulate you!

But enough pondering. I have decided to just go with my natural instincts. Which brings me to the main point of this post. It is time to spring clean the cottage! Certain things have been hanging around way too long. I don't know why for sure, because they are great pieces. But it IS time they found a new home. I will be drastically reducing these items today! They won't last long, so give me a call if you want them, and I could send you a PayPal invoice or take your credit card info.

This darling curio cabinet has been painted, distressed, and stenciled. She has lovely little cabriolet legs and a nice, thin profile - only 13 1/2" deep at widest point. The light stenciling in back looks as if it has faded over time. This piece was $395, NOW only $295.

This little wash stand has been painted a shabby white. She has great bat wing pulls on her drawer and 2 cupboard doors underneath. Was $225, NOW ONLY $95.

I have named this beautiful, long curvy legged, drop front desk "Cloey". She has been painted a creamy white and distressed. She has one drawer and a shelf underneath; and great little cubbies and a tiny drawer inside. There is the slightest hint of her earlier pink hue under the white paint inside.

Well, thats enough for now. I am going to open up the windows, let the breeze flow through the house, and start cleaning!
Happy spring to you all,

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