Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was finally back to work yesterday after five, feet wrenching, days at market. I had a great time and found lots of fabulous stuff. Good thing, too, because it looks like my customers had a great time during the "Come and Play While the Owners Away" sale! Thanks a bunch to all of you who turned out. I have been able to rearrange a little to make room for some of the new things that will be coming in.

I will be putting out some new jewelry pieces this week as well as a few sweaters and tops I found. Yes, I know it is kind of strange, but I am trying out a clothing line. I call it "vintage style" but I don't mean old fashioned looking. Maybe "shabby chic" style is a better description. It is flouncy, comfortable, lacy and girly. The type of stuff that just makes you feel pretty when you put it on! I will also be getting in a few fun, blingy, wash out, tee-shirts later this month.

The rest of my purchases will trickle in through February. Some of my funnest finds I will be putting in the new building for a surprise! I can't wait until it is finished!! Which leads me to a BIG announcement:

The cottage will be joined by two wonderful, talented ladies.

One is Mandie, of Altar'd, who does furniture painting and distressing. She has a large, happy following of customers. She will be setting up her showroom in the garage - - we'll need to come up with a better name for that because, believe me, it will look nothing like a garage! She will be available for furniture makeovers . I guess I should say "they", because I believe her husband is an integral part of the business. You can check out their website at or blog at Mandie also gives furniture painting workshops. You bring a small piece of furniture and she takes you through the process from start (sanding) to finish (glazing). It is a full day of fun, laughing and making new friends. Lunch, snacks and supplies are provided. We will be hosting our first one here at the cottage on Saturday, March 12th. It is limited to 10 people so call if you are interested. You can WIN a FREE entrance to the workshop by "liking" my facebook page; or if you are already a facebook friend, just leave a note you were there and I'll see your name is entered in the drawing.

The other wonderful gal that will be linking up her business with the cottage is Jennifer Williams of Fauxreal Designs. She will offer upholstery services to our customers as well as faux painting/finishes for walls, counters and floors. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of her quality of work and attention to the customers desires. Last I checked, she was still working on her website, but you can check it periodically - it is

They both will be joining me when the new building is finished. I believe they are both available now for estimates if you have work you need done. They both will be scheduling three or four weeks off. A deposit will secure your spot on their agendas.

Well, that is all the cottage news for now. Hope to see you soon,


P.S. Due to all the work that needs to be done to finish and stock the new building, the cottage will not be having it's February Antiques on the Lawn show. But we will let you know when we schedule the date for the Grand Opening of the new building.

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