Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't You Love Surprises!!!

Hubby and I went to the auction Wednesday night....(the kids have been whisked away by my parents and are on a 7 day cruise...what's up with that?) Anyhoo....Troy said , "Sure, I'll go." Well Wednesday night at auction is a little like junk night. You never know what you will find....which I love!!! Well, Troy met me there and he said, "Do you see anything you like?" I said," Yes, you see that mauve cupboard?" He kind of hesitantly said, "Yes?" I am sure he was thinking "mauve?" Well, I love to find a diamond in the rough. I can picture this cutie in a bathroom with towels rolled up and pretty bottles with neat soaps...etc etc etc. Oh the possibilities....well, I immediately started stripping the mauve paint and look at what is behind it!!! It kind of looks like tinted milk paint because it is a really thin layer of it. Most of it comes off with the mauve enamel paint....yes, it is enamel. What a great green color...I love to imagine it's original condition being loved by Granny in her kitchen....can you picture it. I will keep you posted on the progress. Of course it will be creamy white with the edges shabbied up a bit and glass knobs and..........


Girly Stuff said...

It looks better already! Can't wait to see it finished!

Pamela said...

Lost the email you sent me abt the larger window. We will be by Wed to look at it if you still have it!:)

Thanx again for finding it in the trailer.