Thursday, January 15, 2009

And We're Off!!!!......

Marci and I leave on Friday to go to Market!!! We have a friend that will be watching the store on Saturday...actually, it is my previous funny is that??? We are very excited about the wonderful things we will see there. We will be looking for seasonal items that will be a perfect match for our little cottage. Send me some ideas of what you might like to see and we will keep our eyes open for them in our search! Think of Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Summer and on and on and on!!!
Would love to hear from you!!


Girly Stuff said...

Have fun!

I'm going to have a big party while you are gone and drink all the coffee and stop up the toilet with lots of tp and play the music really loud!


Woman Interrupted said...

She did call me while she was suppose to be working...shh.

Actually, it was a sales call to tell me what I needed from your store for my house.

Cottage Chick said...

Woman Interrupted, I knew Girly Stuff would be good for my store. She called or text'd me 1200 times while we were at market. Sometimes just for decorating comments. Gotta love that!!!