Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year from The Old Oak Cottage!!!

As much as I adore Christmas and all the decorations it is kind of fun to take them down and rearrange, isn't it? That's what has been done at the Cottage. We sold the cute little fake fireplace (my mom bought it and it looks great inside her fireplace all lit up) so out to the garage and shed to hunt down something cutie patootie to fill up this space. Don't you just love the little rocker?
The kitchen was fun!!! Nothing is in the same spot as before!!! You should have seen the looked like a bomb had gone off in there for a while. I just love the little blue roll top desk.
Marci had a load of ironstone. I can't believe how fabulous it looks grouped together!!

The nice little music cabinet has been moved into the dining room. Did you know it has sheets of music inside. The music is from an old hymnal. Gotta love that!!!

The music cabinet used to sit on top of this shabby little table. It is perfect for a little corner in someones breakfast room.

The wash stand is the new coffee bar. Unless, of course, you need it in your home somewhere. Then it will be back out to the shed for us!!!
Marci found the cute little dresser. When we were moving it in I discovered the middle mirror has a lever on it and you can tip the mirror so that you can see yourself in full view standing up. How cool it that??
We bought the beautiful armoire from some friends of mine. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!

Marci went north to visit family and friends for the holidays. I stayed around here and had a great time with my family. We will reopen Friday, January 2nd and look forward to a fun and fabulous 2009. We will have our first "Antiques on the Lawn" sale in February. Keep in touch for details!!!


Girly Stuff said...

Well, I NEED the stoneware for my soon to be new and improved laundry room!

See ya soon.

Susan S. said...

LOVE your blog and can relate totally. I have a garage full of projects and in fact have a mantel JUST like yours that I will be working on soon and putting in my bedroom.

Happy New Year~!