Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - New Beginnings at the Cottage

I really don't know where to begin with this message.  First, the bad news I guess - my husband has accepted a job in Idaho and I will be moving in February.  I have known it was a possibility for a couple months now, and have spent that time grieving and praying.  I have been grieving because I love what I do.  I have gotten to be friends with many of my customers and will miss seeing their smiling faces.  The cottage has finally become profitable after years of labor; and it has really just begun to grow to what I know it can be.

The good news is the answer to my prayers.  I have found a wonderful gal who loves the cottage almost as much as I do (if that's possible) to take it over.  Her name is Pam Wiggs.  She has been in the antiques business for many years, seems to like everything I do, and has a knack for finding (and displaying) the greatest stuff!  AND, she is probably the sweetest person I have ever met!  She currently has a little building at Ellen's Timeless Treasures in Humble, called "Pickering Hollow".  Be sure to go to her facebook page and check out some of her stuff: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pickering-Hollow/287393088517

She will begin working with me this month, and we will be traveling to the Atlanta Market together January 12th - 16th.  Kendra will be here that Friday and Saturday for our semi-annual "Come and Play While the Owners Away Sale".

Really, things won't be changing too much around here.  Jennifer of Metamorphose Upholstery and Furniture will be staying; as well as Crystal our in-house designer.  Crystal will be in on Thursday's the next two weeks, then back to her usual Fridays.  Stop by on those days if you have any decorating dilemmas you would like her assistance with.

Meanwhile, this isn't really goodbye yet, as I will be around this month.  Please stop by to meet Pam; and I hope you will continue to support The Old Oak Cottage.

LOL (my mom says that means "Lots of Love"),

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