Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ready for the Ball

We picked up these chairs a while back...Marci gave in after I said over and over again that I loved them....Honestly...they were pretty sad!!! The fabric, not only being extremely retro, was quite threads...with no padding....faded....I are saying "what were YOU thinking?" But...
I think they turned out "oh so chic" with their drop cloth dress and their new shabby, white washed make up on the frame....yes...these girls are ready for the ball now!!!

We are getting ready for our Christmas Open House Weekend coming up the first weekend in November...mark your calendars...more info to come soon!!!

Enjoy our fabulous weather here in South Texas...I personally will be glad when the ragweed starts to settle down then my nose can get back to normal...whatever normal is!!!

The Cottage Chicks

Mandy and Marci

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