Saturday, September 11, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that it was 50 million degrees outside today? Marci and I were at the Cottage today along with Marci's husband Jim...We were all working like busy little bees ALL day long and, as Jim put it, "I am whooped". I told Jim this was just the first of the whoopings as we are getting ready for our week at The Round Top Antiques Week coming up Sept. 24 - Oct. 2. You can read all about that here. We will be set up at LaBahia...Marci was busy pricing our goodies, measuring furniture for us to graph out our booth before we go and answering all of mine and Jim's questions...
:-)...Jim was busy packing one of our trailers with the great furniture and smalls that are ready to go and I was stripping (furniture, but it was hot enough to remove clothes), sanding, sealing and painting....Here are some of the things packed back in the garage waiting for their final toner or sealer or just stamp of approval...

Yesterday Marci and I spent the day shopping and found quite a few treasures that will have to be picked up soon, but, we were able to bring a truck load back...Here's a couple of obviously needs a little attention...We are thinking this iron chair should be an oh so cute pink...oh yes, I am seeing it!!!

At our Dog Days of Summer Sale we sold a cabinet that hung above this buffet...Marci suggested hanging the screen here to display our cute little magnets...PERFECT!!

And the magnets are just so cute...made from small tiles...we have birds, nests, roses and even the Eiffel Tower!!! They come in a set of four...

Remember that shutter I was working on...Well it worked great as a display for our Cutest Dog Contest. We had the tiny clothes pins and clipped our pics of the CUTEST dogs on there. How cute is this?

We will keep you posted on our progress for Round Top. As for me...I need a shower!!! NOW!!!

The Cottage Chicks

Mandy and Marci

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