Saturday, March 13, 2010

Workin' like Dogs

Marci and I have been takin' full advantage of our three weeks of perfect weather here in Southeast Texas...Yeah...this is the best time of year for us, weather wise, before the heat knocks ya down and zaps ur energy!!!! I wanted to share a few photos of "Things in Progress". We have just a couple of weeks left before we head off to LaBahia and Round Top Antiques Week.

Here we go...

Fabulous Drop Leaf Table with 2 benches

Who needs gloves!!!

Vintage China Hutch

with matching Vintage Buffet

(getting a makeover in my garage)

This old fabulous chair

Much more to come...stay tuned!!!


Kitt said...

Workin' hard I see. Me too! I showed houses in your neighborhood all day yesterday. I sure hope I get to go to see your booth again this year. I am praying for great weather for you and Marci at La B.

Girly Stuff said...

I'll bet you double your profits this year!

Especially if the weather is like this!