Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Love It!!!

Remember the "mauve" cabinet????

Well, it only took a couple of weeks, lots of sweat in this Texas heat, a few coats of paint, then some sanding to make it just the perfect shabby. We moved it into the cottage just before Saturday's Antiques on the Lawn show and dolled it up with some fab. u. lous. fall goodies.

It is just the perfect, petite piece for a small cottage or apartment. I would love to see this in a bathroom with towels rolled up and soaps, lotions etc all stacked in it. Wouldn't some soaps in apothecary jars look great?

Here are a few pics of the cottage on Saturday at our show:

We were a little limited with what to do with our outdoor pieces because there was a chance of rain during the afternoon... we were hesitant to put things out. Well, the sun kept shining so we were optimistic and put things out on the lawn, put a tarp on everything and went home. The most horrible storm blew through about 8 pm. Rain, wind, lightning and someone said hail but we never saw hail where we were. The cottage fared well. We had a little incident with a tarp and about 500 gallons of water....uuummm, yeah, just picture that. It all worked out in the wash, so to speak and we were on for Saturday.

This last picture is of our outdoor room. We transformed it into the "French Market". It was sooo cute with our market finds in there.

Our next adventure will be the Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Show. We leave at the end of September. We are looking forward to a great week. For now, come by the cottage and pick up some fall decor for your home, yes the weather is going to be cooler, right??? Hopefully!!!!


Girly Stuff said...

The cottage has storm issues.

It all looks great! I will have to come by soon and peruse.

Sorry I could not make it Saturday. Had to help Woman Interrupted with her nursery. She looks like she's about to pop so we couldn't delay it any longer!

Magic Brush said...

Wish I could see all of this in person! It looks amazing!